Quick Release Nylon Dog Collar by CosyDogs

Size Guide

For good quality, all round collars, the CosyDogs Nylon Dog Collars are a great choice.

For a good quality, all round collar, the CosyDogs quick release fastening mechanism is a smart, stylish and strong alternative to the traditional style of collar, the curved clip we use goes to the shape of the dog around the neck for extra comfort. It features a chrome D-ring that really sets off the bright colour of these collars, with a strong webbing to give it maximum strength.

If you like to give your dog some collar-free time in the house with the quick release, this is the collar for you. It can be on or off in no time and is adjustable to cope with your dog's growth.

  • Size S: 15cm to 25cm (15mm webbing)
  • Size M: 24cm to 36cm (19mm webbing)
  • Size L: 35cm to 50cm (25mm webbing)