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About CosyDogs Harnesses

About CosyDogs Harnesses

Our dog harnesses are specially designed to minimise chafing and are surprisingly strong and light. All dog harnesses are available in sizes to suit all breeds and sizes of dog and can be tailored to meet special canine needs.

We also have a great range of matching fleece dog collars, dog leads, dog car harnesses, quick release dog collars and the latest padded fleece body dog harness.

All CosyDog Dog harnesses and products are made here in the UK by us.

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Why Buy a CosyDogs harness for your dog!!

We are a leading manufacturer of fleece dog harnesses collars leads and much more, all Our dog harnesses made in the UK, all our harnesses are specially designed to minimise chafing which makes our CosyDogs Harness surprisingly strong and light. We use a very high standard of webbing protected with fleece fabric making our dog harness one of the most comfortable dog harnesses your dog could wear, all our dog harnesses are available in sizes 0 to 7 to suit all dog breeds and sizes of dog and can be tailored to meet special canine needs.

The Advantage of wearing a CosyDogs Fleece Dog Harness!!

It spreads the stress over a larger surface area. Neck and trachea injuries might occur if a dog is constantly yanking, pulling or fighting the lead. Unlike a lead attached to the collar at the neck, a lead attached to a traditional fleece or body harness connects to a hook on the dog's back between their shoulders the more comfortable you make your dog feel the less your dog will pull. A CosyDogs harness also offers an added degree of support and security, plus our harnesses have extra features to reduce pulling and improve control over your dog, when it comes to shopping for a dog harness, there are a number of things to consider. You want a harness that is made from high-quality materials to ensure long-lasting durability. However, it should also be adjustable for comfort as well as safety.

About CosyDogs Leads

About CosyDogs Leads

Our own design CosyDogs fleece dog leads are perfect to be used with our CosyDogs brand of fleece and padded dog harnesses.

All CosyDogs Leads are to match our fleece dog harnesses and made with the same quality as our harnesses. We make all the fleece dog leads in the same colours to match all of our harnesses, made with soft fleece e fabric so nice and soft to the hand but having the strength of webbing on both sides, we have a choice of a heavy clasp lead for larger dogs and a small clasp for smaller dogs

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