Posh Paws Non Slip Stainless Steel Dish
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Posh Paws: (1381) 900ml size 170mmPosh Paws: (1382) 1600ml size 215mmPosh Paws: (1383) 2500ml size 250mmPosh Paws: (1381)900ml size 170mmPosh Paws: (1383 2500ml size 250mm
Single feeder high stand with single bowl
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1600ml: (4563) dish 300mm high2500ml: (4564) dish 370mm high4000ml: (4565) dish 370mm high
Double Dish High Stand with two dishes
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900mm Dishes 220mm high1600ml dishes 300mm high2500ml dishes 370mm high4000ml dishes 370mm high
Super Value Stainless Steel Dish
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135mm (0471)170mm (0472)210mm (0473)250mm (0474)280mm: (0475)470mm: (0476)